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You must create the email address in c Panel before setting it up in Outlook 2013. If you are unsure what your email settings are, you can find them with our Email Configuration tool.Here are links to our other Outlook guides: I have set up my email ok.. only 3 options "General "Out going service and advance" Thank you This article is pretty thorough, but does not discuss the issue of subscribing to your INBOX in order to receive emails, so even if the test function is successful you might end up being able to send email but not view incoming mail.You'll call the function in your code in this manner: Function Get Current Item() As Object Dim obj App As Outlook.

I have added a link to the guide on how to subscribe to the IMAP Inbox, on the bottom of this article. If you have set up forwarding, you will be checking the email accounts that the mail is forwarded to. The Outlook SMTP connection should not require that since it is a client connecting to a server, I wouldn't think.You can use an outline to organize your schedule as you enter tasks, or you can wait until you enter all of your project tasks.When you outline a schedule for your project, you simplify its organization so that your project is easier to create, manage, and maintain.Predominantly, this position requires me to be on top of things constantly, from answering questions on the phone to making sure bills are paid, schedules are done, everything looks good, we have all the supplies, dealing with clients, etc.I admit I am struggling to juggle all the tasks simultaneously.

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