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One day I found myself in a lap-dancing bar in Chicago (as you do) and met Erica Coburn. It’s a shame she told the papers I’d got her pregnant, but said that she decided not to keep the baby. Unfortunately — what is it about American girls — she got pregnant, too.

I’m reaching out to the many young people who write me – some as young as 12 - because they feel they have no one they can talk to about their problems.

A shocking number say they’re distraught to the point of thinking about suicide.

They got divorced, and a year later, our son Rafferty was born, the first of our three children. Things went well for a while and we were London’s most fashionable couple. It was only some time later that I found out just how friendly they would become . As one nosey parker said at the time: ‘We saw Kimberly Stewart snogging the face off Jude Law.

When we got married a year after that, I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter . But as my career took off, Sadie began to feel left behind. They were really going at it and barely came up for air.’ Well, she was fronting the Specsavers Sepctacle Wearer of the Year awards - and you can’t say much sexier than that.11.

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