Invalidating query cache entries table mysql

Each entity class, collection association and query has its region, where values of each instance are stored.

Caching Regions are specific region into the cache provider that might store entities, collection or queries.

If I understand correctly, every insert or update will clear the cache for that table?

When turned on, entities will be first searched in cache and if they are not found, a database query will be fired and then the entity result will be stored in a cache provider.

First, read the manual, it's written at a very easy-to-understand level.

Second, the query cache can be operated in 3 modes only: on, off, and on-demand.

but really, this looks mostly like a case of the actual thread status being misreported, and your issue is insufficient disk I/O bandwidth for the workload (or excessive flushing).

Try Alon, you seem to be making lots of different accounts, which is making editing your question harder.

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