Is avan jogia dating miley cyrus 2016

That should bring a sigh of relief to Hayniacs everywhere!“It is strange,” Hayes reveals of his new heartthrob un actor y cantante canadiense mejor conocido por co-protagonizar la serie de nickelodeon Victorious en el papel de Beck Oliver.Su carrera como actor se inició a temprana edad, interpretando a Sam y Ben Stark en las series de televisión Aliens in America y Caprica respectivamente.

He remained mum, since he doesn’t want to deal with any awkwardness that would ensue should she find out, saying, “My celebrity crush is not gonna find out who my celebrity crush is anytime soon. I may keep that to myself because if I do meet her and she already knows about it, that could be awkward.” In the meantime, as Hayes tells To C Nights host Jeremy Robinson, he’s still on the hunt for his Mrs.

The 25-year-old actor recently posted a series of pictures on Instagram that are leaving Fans are still freaking the eff out over the ‘gram.

“Why is tori kissing him instead of jade, why is it right in front of her, why is her hand on his d*ck what episode is this so many questions,” Twitter user Taylor Sxt1 asked.

I don't want to be pigeonholed, I don't want people to look at me and see one thing.

I'm kind of exhausted by the constant need to brand yourself-that's a very prevalent way of living as an actor nowadays.

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