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One drink in, it became clear that date number one didn’t think too much of my profile. I had not even attempted the first section, “My self-summary.” Answering, “What am I doing right now? We ate turkey jerky and olives, and in a mostly empty bar, the barman watched us talk. We talked about homemade vodka stills, music composition, motorcycles and Vermont. We had agreed to meet at a Japanese cocktail bar that is known for its ceiling fresco of unhappy-looking Asiatic cherubs. From Ok Cupid alone, I was receiving more than a hundred a day. A “conversation” about whether to even hang out in the first place seemed bureaucratic.

” I had replied, “Suffering questions designed to provoke existential dread.” I had left “The most private thing I am willing to admit” blank. I did not know then that there is a distinct look to an internet date. He had indigestion, and fits of hiccups preoccupied him from time to time. We drank, and talked and smiled at each other, and the smiling and the talking were utterly separate, like sound and image in a silent film. This was my fault: I simply needed to reset the email notification settings on my account. Nonetheless, despite my smug dismay with American culture, I’d grown up with American TV.

But I also had the convenient excuse that I was not American. In the morning when I arrived at my bank job, I would call him right away. to 6 p.m., and our conversations were a welcome respite from my monotonous routine. I'm not looking for a relationship; I was just trying to have some e-mail fun.""E-mail fun? But his e-mail felt emotionally honest, and despite his obvious issues, I liked him. Within weeks, we were talking every day; that quickly developed into an obsessive six to eight hours a day.According to a 2011 Pew Research Center study, 59 percent of people ages 18 to 29 were married in 1960. While it seems that there are more ways than ever to find a spouse—online dating and social media alongside the more traditional methods of parish events or friends of friends, among others—this array of options can also be overwhelming.For Catholics, discussions of faith can serve as a shortcut to discovering those shared values.

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